Rev. Michael's
Anniversary Gift
to the Community

Vision Your

From Artificial Intelligence to Absolute Intelligence

A FREE 6-Week Life Visioning™ Adventure

Wednesdays at 6 PM PST | November 22 - December 27, 2023

As Rev. Michael’s gift to the Agape International Spiritual Center’s beloved community, we invite you to join us in celebrating Agape’s 37th Anniversary with ‘Vision Your Superpower: From Artificial Intelligence to Absolute Intelligence,’ a six-week exploration and excavation of your soul gifts and superpowers, hosted by our Agape ministers and licensed practitioners.

Starting Wednesday, November 22nd, this FREE series will feature six visioning themes–Harmonizing Abundance, Community, Well-Being, Self-Love, Harmonizing Relationships, and Blissipline–with the intention of enhancing your creativity, sharpening your self-awareness, and unleashing the rich and diverse tapestry of love, beauty, and power that you are!  

How do you see yourself?

Who do you know yourself to be?

Do you see yourself as vast, limitless, creative, intelligent, loving, and abundant? Or have you adopted the view that there’s something “wrong” with you, that it’s hard to be in relationship with you, that you’re unwanted, that you never have enough, or that you are not good enough?

The truth is that the way you see yourself – and even the way others see you – pales in comparison to the Truth of who you are. Even if you have high self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth, you still might not know the full potential of the essence of who and what you are. 

The Infinite Presence that illuminates all expressed and manifested form and knows every hair on your head and cell in your body. You are an emanation of that Presence – a distinct, unique, unduplicatable configuration of the One True Power, the One Love, the One Heart Mind, the One Power beyond all power.

All that the Divine is, you are.

You are not random. You are not an accident. You are not a mistake. No. You are intentionally, thoughtfully, and purposefully created and called forth, endowed with all the potential and power of the Universe.

You brim with potent energy and pulsate with possibility – you are a universe within the Universe. You are an extension of the Absolute, on a journey through time and in form. Nothing about you is artificial. You are the real deal, fashioned in the image and likeness of the Creator Itself. So, what does that say about who you really are?

The intelligence of the Universe flows through everyone. Be still and know.
~Michael B. Beckwith

Activate Your Superpowers

No artificial intelligence is more powerful than the Absolute Intelligence of the presence of God. And we have to keep in mind that that is our superpower.
~Michael B. Beckwith

Are you ready to activate your superpowers? Are you ready to come into alignment and resonance with the highest vision, held by the Divine, of you? Are you ready to deepen your awareness of self as we come together to celebrate 37 years of service, spiritual practice, transformation, beauty, creativity, and love?

Join Agape International Spiritual Center ministers and licensed practitioners as we celebrate Agape’s 37th Anniversary with six weeks of exploration and excavation of your soul gifts and superpowers during the Vision Your Superpower: From Artificial Intelligence to Absolute Intelligence free series.

Starting Wednesday, November 22nd this weekly series will feature six different Visioning themes with the intention of enhancing your creativity, sharpening your self-awareness, and unleashing the rich and diverse tapestry of divine love, beauty, and power that you are.

The Six Weekly Principles Are:

Nov. 22 - 6 PM PST
Self-Love / Appreciation / Uniqueness

Host: Jennifer Capler, ALSP
Visioning Leader: Rev. Arlene Hylton

Nov. 29 - 6 PM PST
Well-Being / Health / Body Temple

Host: Rev. Daytra Hansel
Visioning Leader: Rev. Coco Stewart

Dec. 6 - 6 PM PST
Harmonizing Abundance

Host: Rev. Sondra Quiroz
Visioning Leader: Rev. Cheryl Ward

Dec. 13 - 6 PM PST
Harmonizing Relationships

Host: Ama Barron, ALSP
Visioning Leader: Akuyoe Graham, ALSP

Dec. 20 - 6 PM PST

Host: Rev. Wendy Silvers
Visioning Leader: Rev. Jason Mitchell

Dec. 27 - 6 PM PST
Blissipline / New Beginning

/ Spiritual Practice
Host: Rev. Leon Campbell
Visioning Leader: Karen Mills-Alston, ALSP

There’s nothing more powerful than a god-man or a god-woman that’s been actualized.
~Michael B. Beckwith

The Vision Your Superpower: From Artificial Intelligence to Absolute Intelligence series will be livestreamed, and each session will be available for viewing for seven days after each live session to allow for further study and to deepen your understanding and embodiment of each of the principles.

As we affirm during our Sunday services, “We see who you truly are,” and as we celebrate 37 years of Agape International Spiritual Center holding the highest vibration and vision of the community and planet, we will continue to hold the highest vision of you!

Join us and together let’s reclaim our superpowers, bringing forth and birthing a new vision of the planet where all are actualized in Supreme Power and Absolute Intelligence – the Real AI.