soul of prayer

In this free one-hour Masterclass, you will hear dynamic conversations with Michael B. Beckwith and special guests Rev. Suzi Lula, Eisha Mason, ALSP, Rev. Julie Moret, Rev. Joan Steadman, and Rev. Deborah Johnson, powerful spiritual teachers and lovers of prayer who will share their personal heart and soul connection to prayer, and how it supports them in their daily lives.

“The depth of the prayer is when an individual is really in that state of gratitude – or recognizing that Presence – and feeling their oneness with It and having a deep realization that what they’re praying for they already have.” ~Rev. Michael B. Beckwith

The Soul of Prayer Masterclass

In this Masterclass, you will hear what it means to fall in love with prayer, and to fall in love with the Presence of God.

You will learn the importance of shifting your consciousness of prayer from that of manifesting things and experiences, to that of completely surrendering to God which creates the conditions for everything you need to be revealed through you and as you abundantly.

You will become more receptive to the feeling that ignites and drives your prayers while deepening your awareness of prayer as a pathway to greater intimacy with the Divine.

More than anything, you will learn how prayer restores you to the rightful awareness and understanding of who you are and your relationship to God, anchoring in the absolute Truth of what IS! And once you are fully aware of your relationship to Source, the Universe opens in ways beyond your imagination! That is the beauty of prayer. That is the mystery of prayer. That is the love of prayer. That is the joy of prayer. That is the peace of prayer. That is the Soul of Prayer.

Allow this free Masterclass to unearth any preconceived notions around what prayer is and to reveal the true motive of prayer—to experience the greatest love affair with the Presence of God!