Wednesday | April 3, 2024 | 6:00 PM PT

Are you ready to transform your parenting experience?

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Tools for a Thriving Family
with Michael B. Beckwith and Rev. Suzi LulaAgape minister and author of
The Motherhood Evolution, on April 3, 2024

No one loves and wants more for their children than a parent.

Parenting is one of the most sacred, important, and profound life experiences, yet, parenting often finds us feeling:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Exhausted
  • In conflict with the very beings we love so much!

If you are longing for a more connected, peaceful, and fulfilling experience as a parent or as someone "reparenting" yourself, we invite you to tune in as Rev. Michael and Rev. Suzi intimately and transparently share their respective walks through parenthood, discuss the parenting gems they learned along the way, and provide you with some transformational tools to ignite your own Inspired Parenting journey! 

You will leave this Masterclass feeling equipped, heard, seen, appreciated, and supported as you enter into the possibility of a truly Inspired Parenting journey!

“Parents are the Spiritual heart of the family. When we nourish our own spirits, we ensure that we are best able to nourish the lives of our children." ~Rev. Suzi Lula

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Join Michael B. Beckwith and Agape minister and author of The Motherhood Evolution, Rev. Suzi Lula, on April 3, 2024 at 6:00 PM PT

Is this Masterclass for me? 

Yes. This Masterclass is for parents, those who desire to be parents, caregivers in any capacity, and anyone seeking to heal their own childhood wounds, traumas, and past experiences through the re-parenting process. 

Parenting As A Spiritual Practice

If you’re ready to have a real conversation on the ups, the downs, the lessons, the questions, the growth zones, and the cries for help on parenting, sign up today for the FREE online Masterclass, Inspired Parenting: Tools for a Thriving Family on April 3, 2024, at 6:00 PM PT.

In this one-hour transformative and transparent session, Rev. Michael and Rev. Suzi will share about their respective journeys in parenthood, and how they’re still evolving into and discovering what it means to parent. 

During this candid conversation and teaching, Rev. Michael and Rev. Suzi will bare their lived experiences as parents, while offering tools that will serve to support you at whatever stage of parenting you find yourself in. 

Additionally, you will:

  • Hear Rev. Michael and Rev. Suzi highlight their ‘Inspired’ approach to parenting that anchored and continues to strengthen their relationship with each of their adult children.
  • Understand how having and holding a vision for your family is paramount to the success, cohesion, and growth of the family, and serves as a map when navigating family life.
  • Receive sage advice emphasizing the courage to show up for yourself as a parent.
  • Realize that self-care as a parent isn’t a trend–it is non-negotiable!
  • Learn why finding and/or creating community (i.e., family and chosen family) or a village is central to the health of your family, and so much more!
The Inspired Parenting: Tools for a Thriving Family Masterclass is a preview to the upcoming five-week course with Rev. Suzi of the same name that begins on Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

The Inspired Parenting: Tools for a Thriving Family Masterclass will stream live on A replay will be available for a limited time, so sign up even if you’re unavailable to watch the livestream.

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Take the first step in becoming an inspired parent, one who is redefining and reclaiming what it means to hold one of the greatest positions and roles on the planet.

This class is for you if you are:

  • Feeling “parenting fatigue” and would welcome a space to feel seen, heard, and validated
  • Finding yourself reacting rather than responding with your children
  • Seeking more connection and less conflict with your children
  • Questioning if you’re “doing this right” and want to improve how you show up for your children and yourself
  • Doubting the possibility of fulfilling your life’s purpose and dreams as a parent
  • Feeling isolated and need help in balancing the various moving parts of life
  • Curious about becoming a parent and what it really means to be a parent
  • Ready to step into an Inspired experience of parenting
  • Are interested in taking the upcoming five-week course, Inspired Parenting: Tools for a Thriving Family starting April 24th

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