Unlock Your Power

In this free one-hour Masterclass, you will hear dynamic conversations with Michael B. Beckwith and special guests Natasha Graziano, Suzi Lula, and Shawn Stevenson, 3 powerful spiritual teachers and thought-leaders who will share their personal stories on how they have transcended personal challenges and anchor themselves in spiritual principle to live a more fulfilled, prosperous, and heart-centered life.

You know that you’re here to be more.

You sense on some level that there’s a part of you that’s been off limits, a secret passageway that when discovered and unlocked holds the answers to your deepest and most pressing and burning questions.

How can I manifest more of the life I desire to live?

Is this really what I’m supposed to be doing with my life?

When is it my turn?

Is this all there is to life? To work, eat, sleep, repeat? Then die?

Am I living on purpose? Am I living my purpose?

See It Differently

You would not be remiss in wondering such things. In Truth, you’re right on time. Divine time. And what better time than now to permit such questions to unfold from the depths of your soul. These questions are the signal that the more you are seeking is also seeking you. 

Sometimes that seeking feels like sadness, irritation, agitation, and discomfort. It can even present as some of Life’s most challenging situations such as divorce, job loss, financial woes, and other unexpected circumstances. And in these times, where everything you knew and held to be true is crumbling by the minute, you are being asked to see and seek things differently.  Everything that once seemed solid, sure, lasting, and secure is quickly fading, imploring you to see the vast space of possibility that awaits your exploration and excavation. 

Yes, you are right: there is more to you.

There is more within you.

What better time than now to uncover the more that you are?

You Hold the Keys

Join Michael B. Beckwith for Unlock Your Spiritual Power on Friday, October 14, 2022 at 5:30 pm PT. In this one-hour, free Masterclass immersive, Dr. Beckwith will guide you in a series of spiritual practices and exercises that will ultimately help you recover the keys to greater expressions of the Divine that are seeking to emerge as and through you!

You will walk away from this session equipped with the following keys:

  • Key One: Intention. Living an intentional life is important and serves as the foundation for creating a life that is in resonance with the highest vision for your life. With this key, you will be on purpose with your living.
  • Key Two: Practice. Go beyond memorization and enter a new level of practice that supports you at every stage of your unfolding. Your next level of connection and expression are waiting on you to activate it through your spiritual practice.
  • Key Three: Unlearning the lies, remembering the Truth. We all have habits we picked up that were based on others’ perceptions of abundance, health, relationships, and the like. You’ll unlearn these beliefs so that you can remember and live from the power that’s already within you.
  • Key Four: Understanding and the right use of Universal Laws and Principles. Many are familiar with the Law of Attraction, but did you know that there are other spiritual laws and principles that are just as powerful, if not more potent, from which the Law of Attraction emerged that govern your life? Dr. Beckwith will introduce these principles and guide you in practicing them so that you are equipped to live a life of joy, clarity, abundance, and freedom from suffering.
Unlock Your Power

Whether it is seeking divine right relationships and attracting your soul tribe, or getting clear on the vision of your life so that you can live in accordance with what lights you up, or learning how to sustain and maintain your manifestations, by the end of this session, you will be empowered and emboldened with the awareness that you hold the key and the power to unlock and unleash more of who you are in every area of your life! 

Reclaim your spiritual identity and inheritance and start living as the Divine magnificence you are and from the overflow of Divine magnitude that is all around you.